London Lighting Seminar Registration Opens Weds., March 21st

Just a heads-up for anyone who does not want to miss registration for the May 12th or May 13th London lighting seminar. Registration will open up for either day on this Wednesday morning, London time. Sunday is a repeat of Saturday, so please only register for one session.

Each class is limited to 32 participants and a staff assistant. (People already have been chosen for both assistant slots.) The January seminar sold out in just a few days, so I wanted to give a little prior notice for these sessions.

Full details and an outline of what we'll be covering will be posted along with the registration info.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have created a "thank you for registering page," backdated to March 1st, which is showing up in the archives and on the RSS feeds. Registration does not open until Wednesday, and that page will be the "return" page after successful registration. The RSS thing never crossed my feeble mind. Sorry for any confusion.



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