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Neat Ad Campaign Built Around Photo Shoot Videos

The WSJ has a pretty cool ad campaign that uses "behind the scenes" videos of the photo shoots that created the stills for the campaign. What surprised me was just how simple the light was for such an expensive series of photos.

The shooter is UK-based "Platon," and light could not be simpler. It could be pretty much duplicated with a white wall and a single SB in a shoot-through umbrella. The guy just gets right up in there with the umbrella next to Crow and the wall and it becomes a huge, soft frontal light source.

You can see Sheryl Crow's shoot here, and there are eight others to watch, too.

The above photo contains a cleverly hidden Strobist reader, Photoplasia, who is already playing with the lighting technique.

Click on the pic to comment on how beautiful he looks next to Sheryl Crow...



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