OT: I Want One of These

Depending on how long you have been shooting as a pro, you may or may not remember how the high-end 35mm film cameras used to have removable prisms. This feature was so helpful for low-angle shots (as in that wideangle-on-the-ground view) and for Hail Mary shots in crowds in media scrums.

Sadly, while many amateur digital cameras have this feature, the pro digicams do not. Until now.

Argraph (I've never heard of them either) has introduced the Zigview, which is basically an mini auxilliary video camera that grabs what you would see in the optical viewfinder and ports it to a TFT monitor. A tiltable, rotatable TFT monitor.

The upgrade model, the Zigview S2 (same page as above) has a screen that is removable.

The ultrawide ground shot is back, ready to be mercilessly overused yet again. Heck, with the S2 and a Pocket Wizard (or even just a remote shutter cord) you could pole-cam your DSLR on a monopod and nail your aim every time.

Not off-camera flash, but cool beans.

(Via Slashgear, which also has a neat little feature diagram on the Zigview.)


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