Reverse Engineering: Flavored Vodkas

Next up in the On Assignment queue is a shot I did last month for The Sun on flavored vodkas.

I did lots of setup and process shots, and am working on a long-form piece for later this week. But I thought this might be another good opportunity to throw a photo out for reverse engineering before the article goes up.

The story was on the rise in popularity of flavored vodkas, with a fairly straightforward illustration of six of the most popular flavors. As far as gear, this shot was done with two bare speedlights. The light modifiers consisted of a cardboard box and a sheet of typing paper.

Setting aside for the moment that you might have chosen to illustrate the concept in a completely different manner, try to work out the lighting for this photo using just the basic equipment listed. FWIW, the two biggest problems that we had to solve were (a) the glasses reflect everything, and (b) the objects in the glasses had to be lit separately from the environment to compress the tonal range.

If you are sufficiently brave, please feel free to stick your results in the comment thread on the photo's Flickr page. (I am turning off the comments on this post to keep all of the thoughts in one place, and to save myself the tsunami of moderation work.)

:: larger version ::


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