Rhode Island Hijinks and DG28

We're still up in Rhode Island at the Northern Short Course until the end of the weekend.

Photo Biz Guru John Harrington, whose next photo book should be entitled, "How the Other Half Lives," turned his hotel room into the equivalent of the vendor's floor at PMA last night to host a little get-together for about a gazillion of his closest friends.

He had a full studio set up (Bogen-Autopoled lights, background paper and all) where people of varying degrees of sobriety created self-inflicted photos all night long. Being Harrington, there was of course a dye-sub printer spitting out the damning 5x7 evidence right after the button was pushed.

After the aspirin take full effect, we are doing one more lighting seminar this afternoon. Today's plan: Blow the meeting room after about 30 mins and head out into the halls and foyer to see how many settings we can explore/exploit with some cool light.

We'll either have a lot of fun, or not get invited back. Or both.

If you are Jonesing for some lighting writing this weekend, mosey on over to Neil Turner's site, DG28. If you have never seen it before, you are about to lose a few hours of your life to his examples and tutorials.

If you have been there before, he has totally redesigned the site. So there is new stuff waiting for you.


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