Sportsshooters, Talkin' Smack:

UPDATE: In all seriousness, I am very much looking forward to seeing what everyone - from both sites - comes up with. Smack aside, the idea is to take a mundane, simple subject and stretch yourself with it.

The SS guys seem to be oozing confidence today about our little FinalFour challenge.

A small sampling of the comments:

Knocking the out-of-towners:

"I think we my have already won. the Strobist group doesn't seem to know what a basketball is..."

Just like Ohio State wrote off UF before the football championship:

"One thing I learned after all those years of playing sports - if you're going to talk trash, you better be able to back it up. After browsing through 20 pages of the strobist flickr page, ummmmm, I sure hope he was just ribbing us."

Damning with faint praise, after a blanket putdown:

"Many of the photographers that visit strobist know what they are doing."

Looking forward to Monday. And remember, the ball should be the primary subject of the photo. There are several with minor supporting elements already posted, which is fine.

But try to keep it simple, lest the Can o' Worms gets opened...


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