Video: 2-D Art Copy Photography

First of all, is that an awesome quilt or what?

Ditto the copy shot. Getting something like this to translate to a digital file is no small feat. It takes even lighting and attention to detail that borders on obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Ever wonder what goes into a large-scale, high-quality copy shot? Strobist reader Ben Peoples has posted a time-lapse YouTube video of his copy photography process. He clearly shoots a lot of 2-D objects for people. Or Peoples, if he is doing it for himself.

The basic techniques is even-field lighting with a pair of Alien Bees, But he also uses a speedlight on a nearby stand to direct a little kiss of light wherever he wants, for emphasis or texture. Nice.

If you wanna know more, watch the video. But whatever you do, check out the quilt at hi-res. It's awesome, as are Ben's copy art skills.


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