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The Coolest Free White Background Ever

Need a super-quick white-ish background to photograph that little thingamajig you are selling on eBay?

(No off-camera flash ia actually needed for this one, but I couldn't resist. It is too good of an idea.)

Just go downstairs to the closet where you keep your Igloo/Coleman/no-name-brand cooler, open it up and turn it on its side. Stick your item in there, put the whole thing in some shady area outside and shoot away.

So goofy, it's genius.

In case you need the whole concept spelled out for you, here's the money shot.

But again, this can be a much more low-rent (no-rent, actually) operation, as this setup would work just fine (better, actually) outside in the shade. The tones should be smoother on the background that way.

Hey, what could be cooler than a cooler?

And it gets better: This post is a two-fer-one special, as the top photo above also shows you how to make a DIY, Two-Headed Clamp Snake. Just slide some rubber tubing around a thick wire and zip-tie it to two small clamps.

The two, self-supporting clamps can be adjusted to hold still just about any two small items still. Gobos, reflectors, etc., when working in a macro environment.

If you have any ideas for those items, please put them in the comments. Because two small, identical items which could be (painfully) clamped by this pink and orange contraption just popped into my head and I cannot get the mental image to go away...

(Thanks to mmikee for the idea.)



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