Light Partying, and a Fuji S5 Review

Strobist reader Ryan Brenizer had a little party with a couple of fellow light-types, and posted a bunch of photos from the evening. It's cool that these kind of lighting-themed get-togethers are starting to happen.

If you want to hook up with fellow local flashers, check out the Flickr Strobist threads, which are starting to get some city-specific events. (Or start one of your own.)

Ryan has also posted a two-part review of the just-out Fuji S5 Pro, [MPEX|Amazon] the much anticipated "Pimp my Ride" version of the Nikon D200 [MPEX|Amazon] body.

According to Ryan, there is an awful lot to like about the new camera. Looks like it nails the color, and the dynamic range is nothing short of amazing.

Case in point: The dual-photo at left is a "stress test," if you will. A way overexposed raw capture is on the left. And what Ryan was able to save (in Adobe Lightroom) on the right.


As for his review(s), the good points are in Part 1, with the cons in Part 2.

(Thanks, Ryan - and invite me next time, will ya?)


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