Pocket Wizard Christmas in April

Moishe just called from MPEX to let me know that he got a big shipment of Pocket Wizards Plus II's in for a series of camera shows, and he is running a special: $169.00 each. They show on the search results as $186.00 each, but when you put them in your shopping cart they drop to $169.00.

Three things to remember:

1. You need two units. These are the newest switch-hitter models, playing transmitter or receiver depending on what they are hooked up to. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

2. MPEX is shipping to other countries, but these are North American frequency models. So additional units would need to be the same kind.

3. Last September (the last time he ran a special like this) they went quickly.

Phone orders are okay, and they will honor the $169.00 price. Just don't call Moishe at home at 3:00am US time if you are reading this during the daytime in Asia...


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