Bits and Pieces, 05/11/2007

So, can you tell I like the BBC?

I'm walking in London about 8-10 hours a day to cram as much exercise and relaxation into three days as possible. This city is so cool.

Expensive, but cool. And I am such a pathetic fanboy tourist.

Dropped by the The Flash Centre to pick up some gels for the seminars and ran into long-time email bud Neil Turner, publisher of (That's the other lighting how-to site on the 'net.)

If you haven't been to DG28, you really need to get your butt over there and check out Neil's place. He shoots for an education supplement and uses off-camera flash to raise the quality of his photos tremendously. Lots of how-to's on his site for lighting enthusiasts, too.

Neil is on the photo sidelines for a few months, riding the desk as a picture editor. But I am told he'll be paroled soon, when they hire a replacement for the position he is covering for them.

The Flash Centre is a neat shop, and a great lighting resource for those of you in the UK. And I am happy to report an absolute first for London: I actually purchased gels for cheaper than I could get them in the US.

Pretty impressive when you consider a Micky D's Value Meal goes for the equivalent of $8 over here. Yeesh.

But running into Neil wasn't the only cool coincidence this week.

Yesterday, I saw Tony Blair's motorcade come screaming into 10 Downing street. On the day of his resignation announcement, no less.

Two things of note: Mr. Tony does not observe the speed limit, and his bodyguards carry really nice guns.

They spring for the red-dot laser sites, too. Don't mess with Mr. Tony.

And what would a trip to London be without a visit to the cultural touchstone that is British theatre. The missus strongly suggested that I see a show and elevate my standards a bit.

So I am watching Spamalot last night, and... (What - It's theatre, okay?) ... and the guy sitting next to me turns out to be from Ellicott City, MD, about 10 miles from my house.

How far does a guy have to go to get away from it all?


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