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DIY $8 Ringlight Folds Flat in Your Bag

Photographer Tommy Huynh has what may be the coolest adaptation of a DIY ringlight I have seen yet.

It is small, light, cheap and folds flat for easy portability.

He has instructions on how to make it, with some neat-o example pics of the look it gives. But I still think I need a drawing, or a guts shot, or something to help me better understand how it goes together.

So, the final product appears to rock. But the instructions need... a little more cowbell. He doesn't have his comments function turned on, so I don't see how to ask for a drawing or... something.

But maybe he'll see the post here and beef up the instructions a little bit. Then, being a guy, I can print them out and throw them away, as I am genetically required to assemble stuff without reading instructions, anyway.

If you are late to the DIY ringlight party, check out this one or this one, both of which were discussed earlier.


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