Reader Feedback Time

I am flying over to London tonight, and will be out of touch (and jet-lagged) tomorrow. So I want to take advantage of the time to solicit some reader feedback.

The content for the Lighting 102 series is still very much in play. And I would like to hear some things you would like to learn about. I will certainly be taking suggestions into account when I am planning the course.

Just keep them within reason. Just because you suggest "erotic self portraiture" does not mean I am gonna do it. Patrick.

Give it some thought, and hit me in the comments. I will not be moderating them for a whole day, so others' suggestions will not be there to influence you.


NOTE: This post, made in haste as I waited to catch a plane, originally contained info about a college photo contest being run by Microsoft. The person running the contest actually contacted me personally to suggest it for Strobist readers, and presented it as no strings attached. What I did not realize when I put up the post was that all entries - winners or not - become the total property of Microsoft - forever and ever, amen.

The prizes are significant - grand prize is $20k USD. But at first glance it appears to be an inexpensive way for Microsoft to collect a bunch of royalty-free photos. I am going to talk to my contact at Microsoft and find out what they have historically done with the previous years' photos before I even consider putting the link back up.

If it is as predatory as it looks at first glance, it will not be getting further play here. But I want to know more before making that call.


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