Silver Umbrellas, Flashless Flash Kits and The Wiz

MPEX now has their ducks all in a pretty row heading into Lighting 102. This is no easy task folks. And I have gotten enough of a glimpse of supply chain management to know that I could never, ever make it as a retailer.

Three items:

• The silver umbrellas are now in, for those of you wanting to squeeze the most efficiency out of your speedlights. They have been backordered for eons, and Moishe is pretty sure he got the only ones in the country. The appropriate kits now ship with silvers if they are so designed.

• After many requests, they are now selling flash kits without the flash. Not as stupid as it sounds, as many of you already had a perfectly usable flash from back in the on-camera dark ages.

• And lastly, the Pocket Wizard Plus II's are on sale for just a few more days. If you snooze, you lose. He cannot extend it when it is over. Just remember, you have to add it to the cart to drop the price from $186 to $169.

(Umbrella photo by Paul Duncan. Ain't it cool?)


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