Two Cool Tips from PopPhoto Flash

I am working on an article on how to overclock your camera's sync speed, (flash at 1/2000th, anyone?) but I have just been handed the following assignments for Saturday by The Sun:

A double-header softball game and an additional single baseball game (three games all together) that are 75 miles away from each other. But at least the traffic between the two on I-95 should be smooth going on Memorial Day weekend...

Yikes. Looks like I'll be finishing the flash sync post after that. But at least I have time today to point you to something interesting.

PopPhoto's new Flash Daily blog (that's flash as in news flash and not as in strobe) is already throwing up some pretty cool tidbits.

This week they show you how to make a cheap background paper stand (at your local Home Depot) and where to find a cheap light stand bag at a sporting goods store.

If you'd like to pad your resume with the name of a big-time magazine and you are interested in doing some photoblogging, PopPhoto Flash is looking for contributors, too.

The pay ain't much, but the potential is there for some pretty cool schwag, I'd think.



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