UPDATE: Strobist was archived in 2021.
Here is what I am up to now.


Video Archive, And Send Me Your Suggestions

In an atypical fit of organized thinking, I have pulled together some of the videos which have appeared earlier on the site (and some new ones) to create a small-but-growing dropdown menu on the right sidebar.

This list will continue to grow as other videos (both internal and external) are added to the site.

If you have seen (or created) a video you would like to suggest for the archive, please leave the info in a comment after any post and I will see it.

Some things to remember:

• The preferred format is YouTube, for ease of integration. (Make sure to include the video's YouTube URL.)

• If I get 20 new suggestions today, that does not mean that 20 videos will appear tomorrow. There is a limit to these kinds of things, lest we all go insane.

• If you created the video, please let us know! We wanna credit you and link to your site.

• If you did not create it, give us your URL anyway so we can link to you in the "via" reverence.


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