DIY Collapsible Soft Box, Part Deux

Strobist reader Marc Englund is is at it again.

We reported on his first-generation DIY collapsible softbox back in October. That one was made out a bug shield.

Version 2.0 (pictured) is made out of kite parts, which we think is pretty darn cool. Marc has detailed instructions (with lotsa pix) here. And there's also a discussion about it on the Strobist Flickr threads.

Marc made his for 20 Euros (about $27.00.) But if you are Mr. Moneybags, you can get a commercial version for less than $60.00, along with lots of other flashy goodies.

UPDATE - Bad news: The above source for the store-bought version is USA only. Good news: Marc has listed some other sources in the comments section.


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