Extra Value Lighting

Neil Turner, the other guy on the planet that runs a site dedicated to teaching small-flash lighting, is giving a seminar in the UK next month.

What does this have to do with a Big Mac? I'll tell you what it has to do with a Big Mac.

The charge is only £15. You couldn't even buy 4 extra value meals at a Mickie D's in London for that price. (I know. I bought one there recently.) And then you'd have to eat them.

And if you are a member of the BIPP or the Northwest region of the MPA, you get in free. Beat that.

It's on July 12th, and you can get more details on the front page of DG28.com. And even if you are not in the UK, you really want to take a look at Neil's lighting site. It's kind of like mine, but with class and style.

(Yummy visual cholesterol by Simon Miller.)


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