Kingston/MPEX Team Up for Special Strobist Memory Card Pricing

This is way cool. Kingston is reaching out to photogs, eager to show that they can run with the Big Dawgs.

Midwest Photo Exchange says, "Hey, we know a lot of photographers."

They sound interested.

I says, "Yeah, and we could put a picture of me on the cards!"

(Sounds of muffled laughter in the background.)

Hey, no prob, 'cause I was, you know, obviously joking...

Long story short, you guys end up with some really good deals on compact flash (and SD) cards. Unfortunately the rebates are U.S. only, there is a limit of two per household and they have a limited amount of cards. So, early bird gets the worm. And get those U.S. citizenship applications in ASAP.

How cheap? How 'bout 8gb CF for $49.95 after rebate? (And 4gb for $23.50 AR.)

UPDATE: Yeah, I guess the prices were pretty good. You guys cleaned out the 4Gb's and 8Gb's. A resupply was expected today but has been pushed back till next week. Plenty more 4's and 8's coming then. Other sizes are still in stock.

The whole lunch special menu is here. No substitutions, and they don't use MSG.

Hey, if you are a multinational gear manufacturer who wants to show Strobist readers some luv with special pricing, (you know - Vivitar, Nikon, Porsche...) leave your contact info in the comments. We won't publish it and we'll be in touch.

Especially if there is an "evaluation sample" 911 Turbo involved. In Atlas Grey Metallic.


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