Video: Two-Speedlight Bikini Shoot

Jacob the Photographer has a neat li'l video up from a bikini shoot that really gives an idea of how easy it is to effectively overpower ambient with just a couple of speedlights.

Try to reel your eyes in long enough to actually notice some of the lighting techniques going on here:

• Using high-angle key (the stand flash) with the corded, hand-held flash as fill.
• Using the corded hand-held off at an angle as a key light and the stand flash as back/separation light.
• Direct flash key (but about 2 feet higher than the lens axis) with the camera back/left separation light.
• Bringing up the foreground with flash enough to darken the sky (see here for a how-to.)
• I'll have to look into those oil-cleansing strips, too.

The main point: Look how simple and easy his various setups are, vs. what the end result look like. I mean geez, talk about minimal gear and maximum control.

That's what is it all about. Well, that and hot bikini models, of course.

My favorite part: The wolf howls from the bicycling team that rolls past at about the two-minute mark.

Thanks for the heads-up, Jacob.

If you have shot (or found) a cool lighting-related video, please suggest it here. You can also view archived videos from the drop-down menu on the sidebar.


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