Double-fold Umbrella Chic: Composite Metal, Wood and Graphite Shafts

No, I am not going all high-end on you with the lighting gear. Yet.

When I was in London, I spoke to my friend Rui about a DIY trick I use for my favorite store-bought light mod, the Westcott double-fold umbrella. He has since made a detailed post on the process on his Lighting Mods blog.

(Rui is a DIY Machine.)

Background: The double-fold umbrella shafts are of a hollow, telescoping design, which is a good thing. Otherwise you have a two-piece shaft, which is a pain in the butt.

The old Photek Stowaways did that. Hated it.

But because of the hollow shaft, it is easy to dent it if you tighten the screw to the umbrella stand adapter too hard.

This problem can be solved easily with a pencil and some glue, leaving you with the best of both worlds: A lightweight, telescoping umbrella shaft that is very strong exactly (and only) where it needs to be.

I use this mod on my umbrellas and it works like a charm.

(Thanks, Rui!)

:: Step-by-step instructions ::


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