Easier to Get an iPhone

Fil Hunter, one of the authors of the new edition of Light: Science & Magic, shed a little light on the supply situation Monday in the Flickr Strobist Threads. I had anecdotal evidence that the book had been selling briskly, but I had no idea just how briskly.

Says Fil:
"... Many people got the book quckly, then others had long waits, because the anticipated one-year inventory sold in 60 days! More copies are coming, but by ship from Hong Kong. Slow, but that's why the new book, 4 color, much better paper, costs less than the old one, printed in black on toilet paper.

Second printing is already 50% sold even though it's not actually available yet, with 3rd printing to be ordered soon, and with the 3rd the publisher actually has time to correct some of the stupid little nuisance wording errors I made! ..."
Stupid, indeed.

It's a great book - the best lighting book I have ever seen - and I am glad to see it diffusing throughout the photo community so quickly.

Way to go, guys. And as soon as they resupply, I'll post a heads-up.


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