No Hot Shoe? No PC? No Problem.

UPDATE: From the comments, there is a Flickr discussion thread on this technique.

Spanish Strobist translator extraordinaire Rafa B. has a neat little off-camera flash hack on his VacioPerfecto site. It's in Spanish (duh) but you'll get the idea.

He is using a Hama hot shoe slave and a Gadget Infinity remote to synch his hot-shoe-less point-n-shoot camera with an off-camera flash.

Why not just plug the slave into the external flash itself? Because the GI remote can see around corners, of course. Rafa has an example photo on his site.

I do not know how he is controlling the relative levels of the two flashes. I would guess he is running both flashes on manual for consistency and to avoid slaving the pre-flashes.

If you already have the gear (as I suspect more than a few of you do) it certainly seems like it would be worth a try.


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