Now Your Prints Will Look More Charming

Over at Strobist en Espanol, Rafa has tweaked the HTML code to provide much cleaner printouts of the site. And he was nice enough to do it for the main site, too. (My HTML/CSS skills are pretty bad.)

Now your printouts and .pdfs of Strobist will look much cleaner. Only the editorial portions print, and the text column runs full width. Combined with the fact that it prints as black type on white, (always has) it makes for a cleaner format for those of you who do not like the light-on-dark format.

Some of the series of small pictures will stack a little bit because of the expanded text column, but that is a hard-code thing I will have to work on for each page.

So, if you want to go through and print out L101, or On Assignment for a notebook (or create .pdfs for a PDA) you are all set. All I would ask is that you please do not electronically distribute them, as my kids get to eat only when people actually visit the site itself.

To see the new changes, print out any page on Strobist as a hard copy or as a .pdf. Click on the pic to get to the Welcome Page, for instance.


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