Saturday Speedlinks, 7-28-07

Saturday morning - a time to sleep in and wake up to the smell of hot links cooking on the griddle.

We got neat stuff today: More SitBonzo, interactive lighting toys, some smokin' Reuters photographers and a must-read about US Presswire.

• David Berman, AKA SitBonzo, is back with another Lighting Slideshow, this time from his colleague Carl Fox.

• A tip from reader Mieng Saetia turns us onto a neat little web page that lets you compare the effects of different light sources.

• And to think I thought it was hot covering football early in the season back in Florida. Well, that's nothing compared to what the Reuters photogs experienced covering the Tour de France.

• Hotter yet is John Harrington's series of articles examining US Presswire's treatment of it's shooters. If you are even thinking about hooking up with USPW, you'll wanna read it.

And finally, an actual job description for an actual, full-time job: Wanted for Hire: Dedicated and Friendly Strobist. (No kidding.)


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