Seattle Seminar Update

Tentative plans are to hold the Seattle seminars on Aug. 18th and 19th at the Hilton Seattle Airport and Conference Center. But I cannot make anything official until the notify me that they have received my contract. So please do not go booking any rooms just yet. Just in case.

As soon as we are good to go, I will give at least 24 hours notice before the tix go on sale. I am just one guy, and I like to keep the seminar class sizes reasonable. So if you do want to attend, please sign up promptly. The London seminars sold out in just a few hours and a waiting list formed very quickly.

We'll be using a format very similar to the London seminar, which is detailed here. Discussion of the seminar (after the fact) is on the Flickr threads here, and someone was kind enough to post a full review here.

As soon as they give me the thumbs up, I'll start the ball rolling. FWIW, we'll be meeting at the hotel bar on Friday evening as a mixer. Workshop attendee or not, all are welcome. But no, I am not buying a round for all you guys.

We'll also meet up for after-discussion at the bar after both the Saturday and Sunday workshops. For purely lighting-related reasons, off course.

To everyone who offered the local help, thanks bunches. Having some local knowledge makes a big difference.

And BTW, happiness is searching Flickr for a nice shot of the Space Needle and seeing a Strobist reader shot on the first page of results. Nice one, Danny.


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