So, What's In Your Light Bag?

Check out the reader Cory Lum's lighting gear bag. He's got some cool, souped-up Vivitar 283's that take the normal 60ws of power and crank them to 100ws -- even 200ws.

Back in the day, there were a few companies that used to mod the rugged 283's and 285's into far more powerful units. Cory's are Armatars (I think) which used to be very popular with the agency shooters that needed more power for 100 ASA chrome film they shot.

But Cory's lighting bag porn shot that got me to thinking. What do you shoot with? What's your daily lighting bag look like?

I tend to travel pretty light (that's my light bag, full camera kit, and all) unless I am working on something more complex. It's either this outfit (one flash, stand, snoot, umbrella and PW's in the waist pack) or my rolling kit that basically a four-flash version of this, with grid spots and lotsa other goodies.

I thought it might be interesting to get a look inside each others' portable lighting bags. So if you want to compare notes, upload a shot to Flickr and tag it with the following two tags:

myflashgear (all one word)

Then it'll be easy to see everyone's stuff by just clicking here.

You can see Cory's picture bigger, with labels on all of the gear, by clicking on the photo up top.


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