Camera-Hurlin' Mike Larson Tells All

Got this in overnight, and decided to post it rather than just moderate it into the comments. It's from the guy who throws his camera 20 feet up into the air to get the cool wedding group shots.

There's no off-camera flash involved. So bail right nere if you are one of those hardcore purists that do not enjoy a little O-T how-to post. But I couldn't resist having Mike tell us how he does these things.

I am busy right now working on the L102 Cooking Light assignment discussion, and will have it up a little later today.

Says Mike:

Hey, it's me Mike Larson, the guy who did the camera toss. I found this site through one of my mentors who was sharing with me where he saw it.

I use my Canon EOS Mark 2n or my Mark 1ds, and I use my 14mm. If I use the mark 2, I use an intervelometer. If I use the 1ds, (a full frame) it's easier to get it with one toss using the 2 second timer. Just throw it up 20 feet or so after holding for a second, with a little bit of rotation.

I use a 22.138 rotational degree axis 3mph spin. Just kidding.

On the photographer being part of the wedding scenery: This is something that must be reverent to the ceremony. Sometimes, you get a group of guys that beg for it. And you know, if you're shooting a dull portrait sessions where nobody wants to get into it, I have learned that it takes some crazy creativity to get the people into it.

Not for every wedding, but I can say that I have some high paying jobs where the groom is looking forward to it!

I Photoshop myself out of the shots sometimes. But you know, when you become friends with the bride and groom and develop a relationship, it's a different ballgame. So being in the photograph means you were part of their day. And I only keep myself in if the friendship I build means something to them.

Its new, different and out of the box. I am always trying new stuff. Its fun for me, and always relative to what the bride and groom want.

The camera throwing takes a little practice but it's an easy thing. I will be demo'ing this at during WPPI, where I'll be speaking and sharing more about having fun while shooting.

You can read more about Mike at his website/portfolio/blog at You can see the camera-throwing video here.

Thanks for stopping by and leaving some details, Mike. We appreciate it very much.



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