Flashers Spotted in Florida Park

Seminar? Who needs a seminar? You Florida guys rock.

I had a great time in Seattle last weekend, but I am still sorry to have missed the Florida Strobist meet-up. They gathered in a park south of Orlando, and it looks as if they had a great time. It was the brainchild of Florida photographer Nick Haskins, who wrote about it afterwards in his blog.

What started off with mild-mannered portraits in the woods quickly degenerated evolved into a flash-lit mudfest. Cool beans.

Thanks to Nick for picking up the ball on this one. With the Flickr threads, it is easy to try to line up a bunch of locals.

Says Nick:
"Everyone had such a blast. There were some elderly gents that came out and dusted off their 30-yr-old equipment and came out to join us. They had a blast, too.

The funniest thing was the guard. He stopped everyone and had to tell them his story of how he was a photographer for 30 years. He came down and was amazed at Pocket Wizards."

(Ahem. I have some 30-year-old equipment, thank you. That does not make one elderly.)

It is great to see this stuff starting to happen, and there are proposals for several other area meet-ups already popping up in the Strobist Flicker threads. I highly encourage this type of thing. It is great fun to be with a group of people who do not think you are weird for wanting (or even owning) half a dozen Pocket Wizards.

:: Florida Meet-up Photos ::
:: Nick's TTD Pix ::

(Muddy luv photo by Josh Mullenite, Herd of Strobists photo by Nicholaus Haskins.


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