Go, Speedlinker, Go

With summer vacation slipping away we are heading to Virginia for a couple of days to do some hiking and cave exploring. The destination is Big Meadows Lodge, a place with a name so clichéd it sounds like the setting for a slasher-in-the-woods movie. Should be lotsa fun.

Saturdays are for field trips around here, too, this weekend being no exception. Today's speedlinks offer a couple of other blogs to point to, and one of the absolute coolest things I have ever seen.

• Chris Assaf, one of my colleagues at The Sun, has been blogging about his daily life as a photojournalist. He's talking about everything from photo gear to daily assignments to those ridiculous new red vests. Check him out if you are into learning more about the day-to-day life of a photojournalist.

• Got a chance to meet American Photo editor David Schonauer last week. (Killer view of Central Park from his 43rd-story office.) Turns out Schonauer also is a lean, mean blogging machine. He runs the State of the Art blog at American Photo, which is chock full of interesting stuff. I loved his post about the Department of Justice's reaction to his publishing a Where's-Waldoesque rock concert shot which contained a set of boobies. Only NSFW if your cubicle mate is John Ashcroft.

• And finally something I saw this week that truly makes me wonder how much of our brains we really use. Ubershooter Chase Jarvis blogs about one of the coolest things I have ever seen: The Human Camera.


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