Grab This While You Can: PhotoShelter "Town Hall" Series

PhotoShelter has just announced a series of "Photography 2.0" town hall meetings. These look to be a very interesting -- and free -- way to spend an afternoon learning about the industry and the whole 2.0 web marketing thing for photographers.

Lotsa high-horsepower speakers from all sides -- photogs, buyers, software types, etc. There is also a round-table discussion, which will almost certainly happen at a rectangular table. Social hour aferwards, too.

There is a list posted of September dates in various US cities. If you want to snag a seat, I would sign up ASAP. They kick it off in NYC with some guy named Chase Jarvis as the main speaker.

And yes, I made sure I had my seat for that session before I told you about it.

More info here.


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