Interest/Venue Check: Paris Seminar

I will be in Paris with my family for the last week in October. If I can find a suitable venue, we could definitely do a full-day seminar on Saturday, Oct. 27th. I have someone in Paris helping me look, but I am very open to your ideas for a venue.
Eiffel Tower photo by Strobist reader Electroic Alchemist.

(Specifics after the jump.)

1. Needs to be big enough to hold about 50 people. (We do not have that many, but we need working room in addition to seating room.

2. Needs to be near food, so we can get lunch. In Paris, I do not see this as being a major problem.

3. I am happy to hear any suggestions you may have, and especially if you have access to a room via school or a studio, etc. I am happy to pay you for use of your facilities.

Please hit us with any ideas in the comments. If I go with your suggestion, (first mention in case of multiple suggesters) your seat is free.


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