Saturday Speedlinks - 8/4/07

I want to move to the Southern Hemisphere, now. We are finally into the muggy, steamy dog days of summer here in the mideast Atlantic region. It's one of those weeks that just makes you want to be by an air conditioner or at the pool.

But at least we have some nice, cool speedlinks:

• Flash sync modder extraordinaire Michael Bass explores a design glitch in the Pocket WIzard Model II Plus for those who use it to trip remote cameras.

• Have you seen the "Painting with Light" group on Flickr? You'll recognize a few people as Strobist reader/contributors there. I gotta get more into that. Neat stuff.

• Al Jacobs, maker of cool battery packs, is a guru about small flashes and how to power them. His site is well worth exploring.

• A wonderful selection of celebrity portraits by Nicolas Guerin on the Russian photography site, (Some of the link-throughs are artily NSFW, tho.


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