SB-24: Monster Garage Edition

I had a chance to talk to Vadim V. during a lunch break at one of the Seattle seminars. And he showed me his way-cool, bare-bulb-modified SB-24 flash. As if I wasn't drooling enough waiting for lunch already.

He has thrown a photo of it up on Flickr, and you are gonna drool too when you start thinking about what you could do with this. (An early mentor of mine, John Falk, knew a guy who modified 283's this way back in the day.)

The mod was a little more complicated than I imagined, due to an optical feedback circuit near the flash tube. (Vadim works for Microsoft and apparently has an oversized brain.) But how sweet is that flash?

If we are lucky, maybe he will answer questions via his Flickr photo page and some of the solder jockeys among you can make one, too.

Just remember not to lick that 350v capacitor.



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