Sleepless in Seattle

Man, am I whupped. But what a great weekend.

Highlights: Both seminars, the after-hours conversations, meeting lots of new friends, the white-knuckled ride in Chase Jarvis' 911. (And noting the fridge full of Red Bull at his office.)

Lowlights: The simultaneous alarm clock/cell phone alarm/wake-up call to ensure that I could drag butt out of bed early Saturday and Sunday mornings. Also the one-hour, stop-at-every-intersection 174 local bus ride each way to downtown Seattle. (What was I thinking?)

Longest item: Plane ride to Seattle. Or maybe Knottyy's hair.

Scariest site: What Ogalthorpe (left) saw through the umbrella on Saturday. (Today's word is "caffeine.")

I can't tell you how much fun it is to meet you guys in person on these road trips. Matching faces and conversation with the Flickr names and the site's regular commenters really enhances the enjoyment of being part of this community. It really is a diverse and interesting group of very special people.

After-discussion is available here. Please drop any lingering questions/rants/etc in the Seattle thread.

This one-city-at-a-time stuff is too slow. We ought to all meet in some reasonably priced location and have a big party or something.


(And yes, they did punk my flashes with their Pocket Wizards while I was setting up...)


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