Speedlinks, Me Thinks, 8/25/07

Tell you a little secret: I love collecting these things all week. And many thanks to those of you who drop nifty little ideas in the comments, too.

This week's blue plate specials include lenscaps, music, seam carving, microstock, rasterbation and the ultimate camera toss.

• Print out your pix larger than life with Rasterbator.

• Computers can now stretch your photos -- with no stretch marks.

• Is the wonderfully ethereal music from that tres cool wedding proposal video still stuck in your head? It's Icelandic -- big surprise. The song is called, "Saeglopur," and it is from the album "Takk...," by Sigur Rós. You can get it on iTunes or at Amazon. I did.

• Meejahor.com dips a toe into the microstock waters -- and finds it very cold.

• Someone please buy Eric Claption a digital SLR, because his Leica M-8 has bested him.

• And finally, for all of you camera-tossers: Eat your hearts out.


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