Easy, One-Flash Glamour Light

Bert Stephani, a long-time Strobist reader based in Belgium, has made a quick video on adding a single flash to noonish ambient to get a high-glam look.

Reader's Digest version: Just find some shade, and use your flash as a separation light. (This actually works well on cloudy days with dark backgrounds, too.)

You can see the photos created in the video at decent res by clicking through to Bert's Flickr Stream.

Major props to Bert for doing the video. And especially for the English-dubbed version.

And thanks to the dozen or so tipsters who told me about it. If you have shot (or found) a cool, lighting-related video, feel free to tip your faithful blogger in the comments.

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:: Bert's Website :: (Dutch; pix in your language.)
:: Flickr Stream::
:: Bert's longtime Dutch Blog ::
:: Bert's Brand new English Blog ::



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