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Free Lighting Mods in the Produce Aisle

What a great idea. How many times have I walked right past these squishy fruit protectors on my way to the Doritos aisle and not given them a second thought?

I am resolving right here and now to eat just a little healthier this week. Maybe three or four, I dunno, squishy fruits of some sort.

Let's list the bennies:

1. Free.
2. Lightweight.
3. Free.
4. Collapsible.
5. Free.
6. Is a soft-edged, funky snoot.
7. Free.
8. Simulates a bare bulb.
9. Free.
10. Protects your flash while in your bag.
11. Free.

Props to Joseph Hoetzl for an idea that could only be better if I had thought of it myself.



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