Inside David X. Tejada's Lighting Bags

It's double-feature Friday here on Strobist, where hotshot corporate shooter David X. Tejada has posted two new videos of his go-to lighting gear for shooting on location. Dave's kickin' some good light, as we've seen before, and I always appreciate a peek inside the cases of a talented location photographer.

In the second video, he gets into some of the less common gear he uses, including ready-made, store-bought(!) grid spots for his tricked-out Vivitar 283's. He also uses an an old favorite of mine, the Morris Mini flash.

(Hit the fridge for a li'l beverage, then settle in for part two and some links after the jump.)

Cool beans, Dave. Thanks for sharing.

If you have a killer small-flash location lighting bag, film your beautiful self showing it off and shoot us a link in the comments. We are such geeks for this stuff...


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