ANNOUNCEMENT: Join us in Hanoi This Fall!

Our Fall 2022 X-Peditions travel photography workshops, based in Hanoi, Vietnam, have opened for enrollment. Currently, we have limited spots remaining in one of the sessions. Full details at our Fall 2022 program page.

Off-Photographer Camera

Five-foot-eight Matt Adcock (who is still taller than me) apparently loves his babies Canons more than does digicam-tossin' Mike Larson, as Matt opts for the camera-on-a-stick method of getting those overhead shots.

The difference, of course, is that Matt is still rockin' the off-camera flash. He has a voice-activated light stand toting a synched speedlight.

Can you see the second flash, which is actually in the photo? Hit to see a bigger pic, and learn more about how Matt does it.

(When he is not running like a mama's boy from a little hurricane, that is.)

(Shot of Matt by Matt's Better Half: Sol Tamargo)



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