Speedlinks, 9-15-07

Whew. Long day.

Those one-day NYC round trips always wipe me out, but it was definitely worth the ride up to go to the PhotoShelter shindig and meet so many readers. If you are considering going to one in your area, check in on the NYC Town Hall thread on Flickr for more info or to ask questions.

Now, the only thing standing between me (at 2:18 a.m.) and 8 hours of sleep are this week's speedlinks. So you jump to the links, and I'm jumping in bed.

• George Aye, the Strobist reader who blew the curve for wedding proposals everywhere, shows you how to make a shoot-yourself-at-my-wedding photo booth. Creative to the core, George actually did it for a friend's wedding as his wedding gift. Eat your heart out, Martha.

• This is technologically out of my league, but if you are nerd enough you can now apparently get Strobist on your phone.

• Strobist reader Melissa Macatee, who has grown to be a regular contributor on PopPhoto Flash, writes about cleaning her sensor for the first time.

• Wanna buy some great Karma, cheap? Moishe at MPEX is looking for your old digital cameras/etc to help local high school kids. I love seeing this kind of stuff coming together.

• And, as some of you already know, last week's "mystery event" was in fact a lighting seminar in Columbia, MD. (We were filming for the DVDs.) As attendee Dave Hoffmann's photo's clearly show, we like to push the envelope on the attitudey model thing, too.


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