Speedlinks - 9/1/07

This weekend, I'll be donating blood to several thousand mosquitoes as we go camping in the Catoctins for Labor Day weekend. So comment moderation may be a little slow until I regain consciousness.

Hopefully, you'll be cruising the speedlinks in a nice, bloodsucker-free environment. With no bears, either.

• Andrew over at Meejahor.com has a neat little trick for nailing focus on self-portraits.

• Gregg Vizney has a set of photos detailing a Pocket Wizard light stand bracket here. Or, if you are too lazy to make one, he'll sell you one here.

• If you are having trouble finding black straws to make a DIY grid spot, Moishe over at MPEX is now selling a DIY kit that includes the straws and a few other cool goodies.

• And finally, a cool story about a man, a train station and a whole lotta gaffer's tape. (Thanks, Mike!)



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