Speedlinks, 9/8/07

Woo-hoo! I'll be out shooting today. (I kinda miss that.) I am doing an eleven-person group portrait for an annual report.

I think I am going to take a page from the playbook of Kirk Tuck and use speedlights all around. Double umbrella in the front, with ceiling-bounced fill strobes in the back and on the other side.

But enough about the sad fact that I am excited to be shooting a group shot. Today's speedlinks include reflector named "John," a flash mount that really sucks and Canon's Chuck Westfall trying to get inside your pants. Betcha make the jump now...

• This site attracts a rather creative demographic. Who else would think of sticking a flash inside this white, bowl-shaped reflector.

• I do not know exactly how I would use this DIY flash mount. But I still want one.

• Dim the lights, pour yourself a cab-sav and make sure you are sitting on your wallet. Because Chuck Westfall is gonna be reaching for it soon.

Complete with Ken-Burnsey product shot pans (what else were they gonna do for seven minutes) is this interview about the eight thousand dollar Canon 1Ds Mk III.

And if you're young, fresh and a little light in the back account, Chuck's got a little sump'm-sump'm for you, too. The last part of the interview is about the new 40D.

I would remind you Nikon folks to remember that you are married. But you can look.


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