Updates: DVDs; Paris

Been getting lots of questions on the status of the DVDs and of the upcoming Paris seminar.

Details after the jump for those who are interested.

We just did our last shoot for the DVDs, getting a little help from long-time reader Patrick Smith, with whom we did a series of bike-related shots. We still have lots of editing/etc work to do, but the target is for a November release. When we send them to be printed and have a tighter idea of the actual release date, I'll post a heads-up.

As for the Oct. 27 Paris seminar, we now have a (way cool) venue. They should receive a signed contract on Monday. Provided that happens, I will post a sign-up date, which should be sometime this week.

It's been nine years since last I was in Paris. I am chomping at the bit to get back. Looking forward to hanging with some of the locals, too.


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