Use the DIY Macro Studio to Copy 2-D Art

artwork copy photographyEver have to shoot copy photos of 2-D artwork? For the bigger stuff, we posted an example a while back on photographing a large quilt.

Painter Bill Sharp, who has a neat blog visually chronicling his work, has adapted the DIY Macro Studio for use as a 2-D art copying station. Duh. I don't know why I never thought of that.

He gets soft, even light coming from both sides, with a reflection-free zone in front of the painting. The symmetrical lighting also makes for smooth lighting levels across the artwork. Nice. He also (wisely) moves the light splashes a little forward to avoid hotspots at the left and right edges of the artwork.

He is using hot lights, which are perfectly serviceable in this setting. But I would suggest using flash for consistency of exposure and color temperature.

Sharp then uses the digital files of his oil paintings, watercolors and sketches to illustrate his blog.

:: Bill Sharp's Sketch Blog ::
:: His Post on 2-D Copy Work ::



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