Watch Chase Jarvis' NYC Photoshelter Talk

Web 2.0 types that they are, the folks at PhotoShelter have uploaded Chase's entire, 55-minute presentation to the web. Usually, you only get about 3.5 minutes of Chase on the YouTube vids. But he is really worth watching long-form.

Don't get so caught up in all of the trappings (dude travels with a DJ) that you miss all of the valuable experience he is throwing at you. Good stuff.

Better yet: Grover and Allen put the entire panel discussion and the presentation of photo buyer Catherine Talese up on their blog, too. You're gonna need a large popcorn for all of this.

(We had miniburgers, coconut shrimpy things and beer...)

Thanks to PhotoShelter for the extra effort for those who could not be there.


Oh, and since you know you are reading this Chase, I did go out and buy me an hour-long "Ibiza After Hours" iTunes mix ($9.95) for my presentations. I think ya hear me knockin'...



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