You Love Flickr, But Does Flickr Love You?

Flickr has a very interesting stream called "Explore," in which they give a shout out to what they think are really cool photos.

Needless to say that you guys rock some seriously and consistently cool photos. Which means that some of you get Explored more often than Paris Hilton.

But how do you know when you have been featured in Explore? Simple: You just go to this site and enter your Flickr screen name and it will tell you how many times you have been chosen by the editors.

I scored a 25 (including a lighting diagram -- wtf?) and I am sure many of you are more Exploratory than that.

UPDATE: Be sure to click through to "include dropped" to see your full number. My number jumped up to 44 that way.)

The photo up top, BTW, is reader Jason Lee's most recent of 15 Explorations. Click on the pic for more info.



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