Apple Wants to Educate You for Free

Whether you are a Mac-based photographer, or merely a future Mac-based photographer, Apple would like three hours of quality time with you. And they are willing to travel around the country to get it. Leggo of your wallets -- it's free.

And if that's not good enough (or if you are in another country) Apple is also streaming some high-end seminar goodness right off of their website. And that's free, too.

(Yes, I am an unapologetically pathetic Apple Fanboy. Sorry.)

More on the roadshow and the online seminars after the jump.

UPDATE: You REALLY want to watch the Brian Storm stuff on the free Apple seminars linked after the jump. Really good info.

Apple wants to spend an afternoon teaching you how to automate repetitive tasks, build more efficient workflows and print stuff that actually looks like you expected it to look. And, like the Photoshelter series, it is all free.

If you are a Mac-based photog, it is a chance to learn from the hotshots about ways to make your imaging experience more seamless. If you are thinking of switching to Mac, it's one of those afternoons that will send you running to the altar to be the first in line to drink the special Kool-Aid the security guards are handing out.

Here is the initial free roster of free cities and free dates, with more said to be freely coming:

Boston -- Oct 23rd
San Francisco -- Oct 30th
San Diego -- Nov 13rd
Culver City -- Nov 15th
Miami -- Nov 27th
New York -- Dec 5th and 6th

(I plan to get up to one of the NYC shows, and am hoping that a Vista install won't set off some kind of alarm at the door.)

:: More Info/Registration ::

More Cool Free Stuff

I didn't know this until tonight, but Apple apparently has a bunch of free online seminars that are yours for the watching. I am streaming Brian Storm (of to teach me about using Final Cut Pro to create rich media. I have seen Brian teach this in person.

I am watching his seminar right now and I can tell you that for free, this is a total no-brainer.

:: Apple's Free Online Seminars ::


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