Back In the States

We are back from Paris and have the kids shipped off to school, where their jet lag now becomes the teachers' problem.

Nothing says "welcome home" like a couple hundred unanswered emails, and I am slowly digging out of my pile of work. So info if you are somewhere in there, please be patient...

(More Paris stuff and pix after the jump.)

Photo at top (by Belgian Photographer Bert Stephani) is from when we were shooting free model Michael, left, using a bare-bulb-lit alcove as a background element.

And yes, Bert's photo is more interesting than mine. But I try to stay away from crotch shots when shooting with 50 witnesses. That's Bert's cheap Russian fisheye bar shot below, too.

I will be posting some of the photos with lighting diagrams and reader-supplied setup shots (no shortage of those, believe you me) in the next couple of days.

Meeting so many of you guys was great fun, especially at the Pub Winston Churchill after. That's the home of Nine-Euro beers, and you don't even get to keep the glass. But the beers make way cool variable warming gels. I very much look forward to getting back there soon.

We ended a little abruptly, (without the normal Q&A) to squeeze in one more setup in before they ran us out of the joint. But please feel free to ask questions and/or continue the discussion on the Paris thread. (Link jumps to first comment after seminar.) If you didn't grab the slideshow off my my laptop during lunch, I will be emailing you a link for the presentation (in .pdf form) shortly.

(More pix, courtesy Karsten Rump, in this slideshow.)


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