RadioPopper Jr. Announced

RadioPopper just lit up a full website with specs and all. No pix yet, tho. They now have a couple of the afore-mentioned TTL radio extenders to choose from, but that might not be the big news, IMO.

The "RadioPopper Jr." has just been announced on the site:

• Non-TTL radio slave
• 2000-ft range
• $25 each (Wait, WHAT?)

That is apparently not a typo. More, and links, after the jump.

From the website copy:
We stripped the standard radio triggering feature off of our P1 model in an effort to further reduce size and cost - but we’re giving this feature back in the form of the RadioPopper Jr. The Jr. will be a standard no-frills studio strobe triggering device. It won’t sport the TTL or infrared bridging features offered by its older brothers, but it will fill the need in our industry for a simple device that plugs to the PC-synch plug on your camera and reliably triggers manual strobes.

And we’re going to offer it at a ridiculously low price.

Designed with the highest quality radio components, cutting no corners, real world range projected to 2000+ ft, legitimate FCC certified radio slaves, and we’re going to do our best to put them in your hands for $25 each.

Holy crap. If this is as advertised, it is gonna shake up the whole Pocket Wizard/Poverty Wizard dynamic.

I have not seen one, much less tested one. But RadioPoper certainly has my attention.

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:: RadioPopper (Long-Awaited) FAQ ::
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